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Knights Party Press Release: Oct. 14. 2019

October 14, 2019 Paul B 0

Pastor Thomas, national director of The Knights Party issued a statement today denouncing the vandalism of the Christopher Columbus statue in Providence that occurred this morning. Robb noted, “this is a blatant attempt to demonize white people and white Christian people in particular.” Robb went on to decry the allegations that Columbus savagely participated and promoted in the kidnapping and placement of Indian girls into the sex trade. This lie comes from taking a portion of text out of context. in his letter he writes: “For one woman they give a hundred castellanos, as for a farm; and this sort […]

Press Releases

Knights Party Press Release: Oct. 4. 2019

October 5, 2019 Paul B 0

Congress woman Rashida Tlaib a member of the non official group known as “the squad” stated at a town hall meeting, this week in Detroit, that Democratic officials are seriously considering who may have authority to arrest Donald Trump and other government officials who refuse to comply with Democratic impeachment demands. She said proper authorities may have to “hunt down” White House officials who “refuse to leave power.” She said that Democrat officials are also considering where the President and other officials can be jailed. Tlaib said, “This is the last caucus conversation we’ve had. Did you know this is […]