by Thomas Robb

It is important for our young supporters to prepare themselves for the battle being waged against our people. When we say prepare, we are referring to your mind and the amount of knowledge you have about the struggle of our nation.

Sometimes young people want to get together with others and think they are going to bring about the changes needed by committing acts of violence against Negroes other minorities. Other times they will think that by simply doing things to “scare” minorities, they are making a statement. Some believe this will give them a degree of satisfaction. It will actually hurt our cause.

In fact, most of those who do such things are enemies of the Klan and enemies of the white race and are working to help create sympathy for minorities. We instruct all of our associates and supporters NOT to break the law, don’t even run a stop sign. It is important that our voice is respected and that we are model citizens in our communities. The “Klan” members on most TV talk shows like Jerry Springer are actors and not real Klansmen.

The best thing for you and your friends to do is to read literature about the Klan, understand the Christian foundation this country was founded upon and prepare for the day when as an adult you will be a positive and articulate part of this movement to bring about White Christian Revival.

1# Resist any impulses to break the law. Even to the degree of thinking that by “scaring” some Negro or homosexual you will accomplish something worthwhile. Believe me, the problem is much deeper than your local street corner Negro or drag queen.

2# Stay in school and study hard. I know you may not realize the importance of this now, but the better educated a person is the more valuable they become in this movement. Some of you are a lone white kid in a mostly non-white school facing un-ending vicious assaults and violence against you. If you are in such a situation and feel you must quit school to save your life, you should look into home schooling. You can still get a good Christian based education and not get beat up every other day in school.

You have a long life in front of you. Take care of it. Study hard, work hard and learn. You will be increasing your own self worth and your worth to this racial struggle. Set the right influence for your friends. Let them know that you take this struggle for the future of our people seriously and you will not use your time for wasteful pursuits. Don’t break the law. Its not the way to fight integration and only hurts the Klan.

Finally, some of you have parents who like the Klan and some of your parents are anti-Klan. If your parents don’t like the Klan, you need to handle your relationship with them carefully. You must never waver from your convictions and love of our race, faith and homeland. However, you must also remember you are in their home and must be respectful. I find that even in situations where parents are anti-Klan it is often out of fear their child will get in trouble. Parents who are against their children joining the Klan are usually just worried about them.

Your parent’s may be very supportive. But, if they are not, just keep in mind their concern and don’t give them any reason to worry. Be respectful, stay in school, stay out of trouble, study hard and be a good example of a Christian who loves his or her race, faith and nation. This way you will build yourself into the man or woman with the character so desperately needed in America today.