Dear Friends in Law Enforcement,

What exactly do the words “Racial Pride” mean to the men and women of law enforcement? The term “Racial Pride” can be referred to as being proud of one’s own heritage, customs, and ancestry. Or it could be taken out of context and can be portrayed as a “blemish or dark spot” to one’s own ethnic background, customs and or beliefs, because of their heritage. Today, we see the term used by many minority groups in our country as describing their own cultural achievements and the hardships that were endured by their race so that they could enjoy the freedoms that our country has given every immigrant that came to the United States in search of a better way of life. It can also be used as a word known as “tradition” in which a race of people continue to practice the beliefs and customs of their ancestors such as the Native Americans, in which Indian Reservations have their own tribal law, sovereignty from the government, (To a certain extent) and the freedom to conduct themselves in the way that their fore-fathers once did.

Today, we have minority groups that promote their own race and fight for equality in work environments, government, and sports. African Americans in sports, have their own Black Coaches Association. In law enforcement, they have the Black Police Officers Association, in government and politics; they have the NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) etc. We see Latino groups, Asian groups, Arab groups, etc. with similar organizations, but what about a White organization? That today, is a blasphemous word because it’s usually considered prejudice against all minorities in this country. But considering the above statements, why is it a “Dirty Word” to say that you’re proud to be White and that you would like to have your own organization that celebrates the achievements of the White race?

If the above organizations are considered acceptable to the general public, then why not have a White Entertainment Television Network, a White Coaches Association, etc.? I believe that the sum of the problem can be associated with one word …History. The White person has been stereotyped as being prejudiced, uncaring, and even barbaric in some cases. So why do minorities continue to blame the White race for the majority of the injustices that were done in our country? We could all speculate on the answer, but I believe that its pretty clear…we’re still the majority in America, but maybe not for long.

Today, White law enforcement officers unfortunately, are between a rock and a hard spot. Black officers can freely join the Black Police Officers Association without being called prejudiced, but White officers cannot join an organization devoted entirely to White Race without being called racist. Is it a crime to be proud of your heritage? Contrary to what many minority groups say about the Ku Klux Klan, I can tell you from first hand experience that these accusations are false when referring to The Knights.

Having been a police officer for the past 13 years, I have seen the injustices that officers face on an everyday basis. I have been on the call where I was called a “racist” because I was doing my duty while arresting a member of the minority community for selling drugs. I’ve been spit on and called the lowest form of life because I wear a badge and have taken an oath to uphold the law without bias, to the best of my ability. Like you, I’ve encountered the problems on the street and have enforced the laws that have been twisted by the judicial interpretation of our judges and legislature, in order to meet the rights and needs of criminals instead of the law abiding citizens in our country.

I like many other white Americans, are being made to feel guilty everyday because we are white. This is why The Knights Party is fighting for the rights of white Americans and would like to see Christian values brought back to our country. The Knight’s are not racists or out to get anyone (Regardless of what people may say) nor do we claim superiority to anyone. But we are proud of our white heritage and we believe that everyone should be allowed to have pride in their own race and that each one of us is given the same rights as the next person, instead of only a select few.

The Knights Party supports law enforcement one-hundred percent and understands the chaos that officers face each day. Before you form your own opinion of The Knights, please take the time to read the contents of this website. It will answer all of your questions and will hopefully help you break through the “barrier” that the media has cast as a deterrent from joining a White rights organization. You’ll see that The Knights Party is a professional White rights organization that is attempting to bring Christian morals, ethics, and principals, back to our country, the way our founding fathers meant for it to be.

Your friend in Blue…

Race and Law Enforcement – Minorities Just “Don’t Get It”!

In the past couple years, violence against police officers have escalated. However, this assault upon law enforcement is not new. The Black Lives Matter movement –  though  not one organization – is the outgrowth of anti-cop hatred from most, though not all, in the black community. Along with them, non-whites and white cultural Marxists fight against police who they consider the arm of the white power structure in America. Indeed, law and order is under attack, and as law and order is viewed with contempt, non-whites do themselves a disservice; their own communities suffer for their disregard for the rule of law. Chicago’s black on black murder rate is a testimony to the problems they bring upon themselves when they lose respect for the badge. They may not like the white authority that the U.S. use to have or the law enforcement community who administered the law in neighborhoods across the country, but these neighborhoods were safer as a result.

By Rachel Pendergraft (Klan Spokeswoman)

Below are a few incidents involving law enforcement officers that occurred about 15 years ago. This is pointed out because many millennials  believe the attack on cops is new. It is not new, but it is happening with more frequency.

Whether its cries of racism due to the use of racial profiling or allegations of brutality for the use of force in apprehending criminals, law enforcement is facing an ever growing danger from among the non-white community.

The community policeman, once looked up to as enforcer of law and order, is now considered by many in the minority neighborhoods, to be a tool of the white man’s unjustified attitude of intolerance and bigotry – even at the same time the rank and file has been thoroughly integrated.

Any time some poor troubled youth (gang banger) is shot or killed by cops in the line of duty it is automatically viewed by Negroes as a hate crime by white police, even if the cop pulling the fatal trigger is black himself. This happens frequently as it presumably would when cops chase down criminals and must in turn fight for their lives when under attack by vicious thugs.

Last year, Negroes rocked the streets of Cincinnati for weeks with daily disturbances, marches, rock throwing and all out chaos when the black car thief was shot and killed after being chased by four police officers. The thief pulled what appeared to be a gun (it was dark) but turned out to be a knife. Two of the cops were black. Yet the black community blamed the whole affair on racist cops. While the racism of the cops went on the news wire nationwide, the riots in Cincinnati received hardly any press. Meanwhile, while many white people in the city had never given a second thought about the hatred most blacks have toward them, they were all of a sudden given a quick education by the “peace” loving minorities.

Now things are heating up in Los Angeles. In early February, a 14 year old black car thief (Oh, but he was a good student they say -meaning he just outscored other blacks on school tests) was shot and killed while police attempted to apprehend him.

The black youth had led police on a high-speed chase through the Los Angeles streets at 4 am in the morning before crashing the stolen car. After crashing the car, the young punk rammed it into patrol cars and then proceeded to run over several cops who were on foot at the scene of the crash.

The higher echelons of the L.A. police department are now considering a policy change that would not allow officers to fire at a vehicle even though the vehicle is about to run them over! The brainy administrators say that the cops should just jump out of the way. Easy for them to say as they sit behind their desk or talk to television reporters, but the fact is when a violent criminal is attempting to run you down – how should the cop know which way to jump? Suppose he jumps the same direction that the driver decides to steer the car?

A press release by the Law Enforcement Alliance of America has rightly come out in defense of members of the LAPD who have come under attack for the shooting of a juvenile car thief. Spokesman Ted Deeds went on record saying, “the question is not why these officers used deadly force on a criminal who turned out to be a juvenile, but what was this juvenile doing allegedly stealing cars at four a.m., leading police on a high speed chase and then attempting to use the stolen car as a weapon? This young man is dead because of the choices he made and the actions he took…his age, race and being a good student have nothing to do with it.”

The majority of the black community won’t consider reason however. They are out for blood. The noxious Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a notorious anti-white bigot, is urging the community to “demand justice” She has also been reported as saying that the incident “was reminiscent of the Rodney King beating.” And John Mack of the Los Angeles Urban League, said about the shooting, “We have a pattern here where some police officers don’’ value the lives of young African American males.” Mack was heard on radio programs saying that ,”Heads should role on this one.”

It is evident that Negro agitators are attempting to stir the local natives up and encouraging them to riot. Marches through the city organized by the Negro community have been unruly with marchers carrying signs demanding “death to pigs.”

The shooting may be forgotten in the following weeks, but the story is far from over. If the police officers are held up for administrative revue or even charged with excessive force – the blacks will have a major victory on hand – so they think.

They may riot and yes, they’ll instill fear into the hearts of white people and they may get their way by disarming cops in certain situations putting cops’ very lives in danger, but they are also doing a dis-service to themselves.

A number of years ago, Jesse Jackson said that when he’s walking down the street at night and he hears footsteps behind him, he’s relieved to turn around and see a white person instead of a black person.

Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year in various programs intended to curb urban crime. The number most probably reaches into the billions when every program is taken into consideration. Inner city schools receive extra funding to extend after school programs to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble – keep them in a school program and keep them from stealing cars or selling drugs – so goes the thinking.

This probably wouldn’t be considered as part of the law enforcement budget, but the reasons behind it are simple – keep the petty little criminals off the streets and from preying on their neighbors.

Minorities can moan and groan about all of the alleged gross mistreatment they have received at the hands of evil whites, but for the most part they were safe in their homes and neighborhoods. Today they are not. They aren’t in jeopardy of getting shot by Klansmen or white supremacists, their enemies are their own people. The black male is the greatest perpetrator of both petty crimes and violent crimes in the black communities. Black women have the greatest to fear from being robbed, raped, molested, or murdered by their own black men. Instead of being strong role models for their children, taking responsibility for the children they sire, and working hard and providing for their family – they are – statistics prove it – on an ever long search for many sexual partners and quick bucks for little work. Black men have the greatest fear of being killed by another dominant black male.

Minorities may have the freedom to work where they want, live where they want, and in general do what they want, but with that freedom has come a very high price. They may say it isn’t true, but the evidence points to the obvious. They as a people (though there are always exceptions to the rule) are incapable of maintaining or even comprehending the rule of law and order, actions and consequences. The more control they have exerted over society, the more they have contributed to an environment in which they become the victims of their own unchecked behavior.

Negroes may feel victorious for sticking it to the cops, but after they have finally weakened law enforcement to school crossing guards it will be total open season on Negroes, not by white separatists who believe in the law and order which are traditional concepts born from the white race, but by their very own race who historically have never done other but to exert violence and immorality upon one another.

The ACLU and the Men in Blue

There was an article in the local newspaper that stated that the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico has filed motions for a Class~Action Lawsuit in federal court against the Hobbs Police Department claiming that the police department condones racial profiling. The ACLU- NM claims that the Hobbs Police Department has not complied with a list of reforms (demands), specified in a class-action lawsuit filed by the black community of Hobbs, NM in June 2001

The ACLU-NM claims that the police officers are continuing to arrest minorities in numbers that are “out of proportion to their presence in the community.” The ACLU~NM claims that this is because of the racial profiling being promoted by the Hobbs Police Department. Because blacks account for 16.4 percent of arrest made even though only 6.8 percent of the population is black. According to Peter Simonson, the executive director of the ACLU-NM, this data shows “an alarming trend of racial profiling.” Simonson also stated that apparently the seriousness of their claims did not register with the police department and they have ignored the court order to “clean up their act

In response to Simonson’s statements, Hobbs Police Chief Donnie Smith said, “it is unfortunate that just as we are beginning to make substantial progress in mending damaged relationships and building mutual trust with the African-American community in Hobbs, the ACLU steps in and attempts to drive a wedge between us.” He also stated that their legal actions will not prevent him from his goal of “restoring the community’s faith in the department’s ability to police fairly. ”

Apparently the ACLU-NM has failed to realize that if a member to the Black Community is arrested, it is because that person has committed a crime. It is not because the police target black people because of the color of their skin. If there are fewer white people being arrest as opposed to black people being arrested, per capita, it is because the average white person respects and obeys the law as opposed to the average black person. This does not mean that the Hobbs Police Department is practicing racial profiling, it simply means that they’re doing their jobs.

The ACLU will not be satisfied until blacks are no longer accountable for the crimes that they commit. This would, after all, explain when there is a criminal case involving a black person that receives national recognition, the ACLU steps in immediately, claiming that the black person is a victim of the “racist police.” Anyone remember the O.J. case? Was he guilty? We think Yes, but who cares, because according to the ACLU, the police were “racists.”

Race Changes the Equation

There will be no demonstrations outside the courthouse when the murderers of Detectives James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews are arraigned, unlike the protests that Sharpton organized outside the Bronx courthouse to scream at the four New York officers who accidently shot Amadou Diallo in 1999. Nor will anyone be parading coffins outside the homes of the lowlifes who blew out the brains of the two Staten Island detectives, as New York’s anti-cop bigots did outside the homes of the Diallo officers.

Thus are we forced to confront yet again the bizarre calculus of life, race, and criminality that reigns among cop-bashers? This calculus assigns wildly different values to lost life, depending on the race of the suspect and the victim—and whether he is a policeman or not.

Cincinnati Police Officers Defended

Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA), the nation’s largest coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims and concerned citizens Monday took to the airwaves to defend Cincinnati Police Officers who came under fire after a violent suspect died while in handcuffs.

Appearing on MSNBC, LEAA Spokesperson Kevin H. Watson defended the officers, who were labeled “murderers” by a spokesperson for an extremist anti-police organization. Watson said that a preliminary evaluation of the incident would lead an observer trained in proper use of force procedures to believe that the “officers acted justly in what was a tragic situation.”

Reports suggest paramedics called to the scene of a unconscious individual at a fast food restaurant, radioed for police back-up, stating that the subject was awake and acting aggressively. Videotape of the incident shows the responding officers asking the suspect to comply and backing away as the suspect moves towards them. Only when the suspect attacked, knocking an officer to the ground, do the officers resort to physical force.

LEAA Executive Director, Jim Fotis, a retired street cop and survivor of a violent encounter with a suspect, commented on the officers’ use of force. “From what we can see in the tapes, these officers acted appropriately, employing verbal commands, and only using force after being attacked by the subject. And the officers only used that force necessary to effect the arrest. Remember, the suspect had a massive size advantage over all of the officers involved.”

Fotis cautioned those rushing to blame the suspect’s death on the police officers, “This attacker met the medical definition of morbidly obese. The coroner’s report suggests a heart size indicative of heart disease and apparently, the presence of PCP and cocaine in the attacker’s system — anyone looking for explanations as to why this man lost consciousness after fighting with the police and died shortly thereafter, should start there.”

Morehead, Kentucky

Law enforcement in Morehead Kentucky has been taking a beating as of late. According to the Kentucky Revised Statutes 431.005; an officer may make an arrest without a warrant when a felony or misdemeanor is committed in his presence or has probable cause to believe that a felony has been committed.

An officer at Morehead State University was responding to a complaint of a disorderly subject in the lobby of one of its dormitories. The officer entered from the side door and approached the subjects from the rear. He listened to several black male subjects screaming obscenities and bragging about wanting to kill a cop. He arrested the most vocal of the group and sent the others back to their rooms with instructions not to be causing any more trouble.

The mother of the black male called the county judge and complained about the arrest being racist. Morehead State being a very liberal college immediately put the arresting officer on probation and returned him to his FTO (field training officer) program. For the next 90 days he can be fired for any reason the management deems necessary.


If you are white and young in America, you more than anyone else are likely to know about discrimination. You are faced with it every day. You are reaping all of the “wonderful benefits” given to you by the baby boomer generation.

Many young people today have to get outside jobs to help mom and dad with the bills and when it’s time for college there is no White College fund. If your parents are able to scrape up enough for college or if they are “lucky” enough to be poor so you can get a federal grant you might just find out your spot was given to a non-white because of Affirmative Action.  This isn’t about money though. There are plenty of white kids who have no economic issues at home. They face the same type of discrimination in the world because of their race as white teens of lesser means . White genocide isn’t an economic issue, it is a matter of life and death for the white race. This fact should cause all white people of all economic backgrounds to unite and work together. Of course, once you do get to college there are no Caucasian Student Unions or European Culture Clubs and don’t even think about starting one just because there are tons of them for Blacks, Asians, or what ever. If you were daring enough to try, you would be called all kinds of horrible names. Why, you would wonder. You just wanted to have a club like everybody else. Welcome to the world of hypocrisy and illogical thought. Fifty years ago young people were faced with many hard questions and circumstances. The Vietnam War was taking the precious lives of our young people. both men and women. Christianity was being attacked as being old fashion and for prudes. Sex, Drugs, and Rock -n- Roll were glamorized as hip hop and rap is today. World peace and racial unity were being touted as progressive and about time.

The young people of that time had some very important decisions to make. Some got caught in the web and were proud to be on the side of so-called tolerance. The people with the big bucks who owned the TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers and magazines were just like they are today, except now you can add the internet and owners of social media companies like  Twitter and FB. They think normal white heterosexual people are weird. Imagine that! To them its cool for guys to have boyfriends and girls to have girlfriends. Abortion is just another type of birth control. Its fun to laugh at white people and call them names in sit-coms. The people who own the entertainment industry are like the people in Sodom and Gomorrah. Many young people today are becoming aware of this. They see through the code words used in the media. But many of the young people fifty years ago got sucked into the utopian dream, which in itself isn’t a bad idea. After all who doesn’t want peace and harmony?

The only problem is that many young people were told that the way to have peace and harmony was to take things away from white people and give them to nonwhite people. Doesn’t sound much like equality does it.

It was a time of social revolution. A lot of young people may not have actually gotten involved in demonstrations and rallies, but even those who didn’t were affected. Most of them negatively. Those young people, the activists of yesterday, are the leaders today. They were victims of their generation and now unfortunately they in turn are looking for new followers.

Today however they aren’t looking to win the sexual revolution. It was already won and today Aids is the prize. Abortion is available everywhere and infanticide is common. The schools are already integrated and gay rights is a popular issue. Today the fight is over you, the current generation of young people.

Many of your parents can’t understand what it means to have White pride. They were a victim and weren’t allowed. They are still being victimized by the entertainment industry and the news industry. They are being told the wonderful world they fought for ( they call this wonderful?) is in dire straights because their liberal ideas are being threatened. After all you were primed right from the get go with shows like Sesame Street telling you how great it was to go to an integrated school. But you soon learned the truth when you saw the hatred for white people in your school. It didn’t just come from nonwhites. It was in the text books and your teachers talked about it. It seems they would have us believe that white people are stupid, uncaring, uncool, hateful oppressors who can’t dance. Is it any wonder so many young people are experimenting with interracial dating? Who wants to date a loser and if white people are the bafoons they are made out to be then it would make perfect sense to go out with the more desirable black guy or the cute little Asian girl, wouldn’t it?

It’s sad. So many young people have lost their racial instincts. They have lost pride in their race and they are the modern victims of the anti-white propaganda mill.

But just as there were those young people fifty years ago who made the difficult decision to give up on their White Christian heritage in search of a bi-racial, bi-sexual utopia in a lava lamp, others made the opposite decision. They are heroes to this generation of white youth. They didn’t let the labeling and the Christian bashing and the hateful way television made them out to be get them down. They saw through the smoke screen and they persevered.

Today it’s hard, real hard to say you are White and proud. Of course the Black Lives Matter groups are encouraged to talk about black pride. Your parent’s may think you are crazy. Hopefully they made the right decision when they were young and now they can be looked upon as heroes by this generation. They are heroes because they taught you to be compassionate toward your white brothers and sisters and to be proud of your roots and your history.

Unfortunately these types of parent’s are in the minority not the majority. Their complete generation was almost won over. So if you are White and proud your parents may be freaked out.  Don’t blame them. Remember they are victims of a one-world, one-color philosophy.

Young people today can’t let the lack of support from their family get them down. It may not be easy but it doesn’t make it any less right. There is a lot to be said about the sins of the youth today. Some say they have their head in a cloud or in the bottom of a bottle. It may be true of most. But there are those who speak of ideals, who can’t figure out what’s so great about two guys cuddling up for a romantic evening (ugh), who find it odd that those who speak of rights are quick to end the rights of the unborn, and there are those who understand the concepts of genocide and how interracial mixing promotes it and the destruction of the white race.

The young people today have an awesome responsibility. They can look at the last generation and see the mistakes that were made and how America has ended up because of the decisions made by the baby-boomers and decide to make a positive change or they can fall dutifully in line with the one-world types. For a lot of young people it’s too late. They have already fallen for the whole homosexual, race mixing, anti-white ploy. But a few will dare to say no to the establishment and will brave into a world of heritage, of love for one’s people, for wholesome Christian conduct. They will be an asset to their people. They will stay in school, get to college however they can, educate themselves, surround themselves by positive thoughts and work and study hard. They will be heroes for tomorrow’s generation. Perhaps a generation where you aren’t sneered at by the establishment because you prefer to be around White straight people. It’s tough enough to be a young person today. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like for your kids someday? It won’t be as far off as you think!

Following is an article written by Muriel McAllister. Fifty years ago when she was just a teenager she was faced with the same dilemma that many other young people were faced with. She had friends die in Vietnam. She saw other girls marching for the right to kill their babies. She saw first hand the lies that were told about like minded believers from the media. She read horrible stories about different white people who were killed by civil rights workers, but never reported in the national media. She studied, worked hard, went to college and married. She protested abuses of white people at public rallies and passed her love of heritage on to her children. As a very young mother she started her children out right by raising them to be conscious of the white people’s world wide plight even carrying her 2 month old daughter on her back to protest the United Nations. She was typical of the young women of her time, for the most part, yet she made the decision that many young people continue to put off. She dedicated her life to the protection and advancement of her race, faith, and homeland. Now thirty years later she is co-editor of The Torch newspaper and married to the national director of The Knights and a very strong advocate of white rights. They raised their children together to respect all people, but to have special concern for their own racial family.

Many things have changed in the last thirty years, but the struggle for White rights is stronger then ever. Some may believe an article written thirty years ago has nothing to do with today in 1997. however, it has even more to do with 1997 than ever before. Read her message to the young people of 1967. Would they have been better off if they had listened. I think so. For those who didn’t listen, see what kind of a mess they have gotten us into. Its even worse than before, not better. It can change however, through all of our teamwork, by dedicating ourselves to the betterment of our people and by taking good advice from those we look up to as our heroes. The article below is from another time, another generation, but its relevance is even more real today and needed now more than ever.

The Price of Freedom

by Muriel McAllister, 1967

© copyright, 1995  We are told the world is sick and needs our help. How can we cure the world without causing the downfall of our beloved land, America?

There’s an old story that you can’t kill a frog by dropping it into boiling water;–he reacts so quickly that he jumps out before he is hurt. But if you put it in cold water, then warm it up gradually, he never decides to jump until it is too late. By then he’s cooked. Man is just as foolish; take away his freedom overnight and you have a revolution; but steal it away gradually under the guise of progress, peace or security and you can paralyze a nation and a generation.

If the true story of our Republic were told and understood by the nations of the world, people everywhere would attempt to follow our example. Instead, America is giving away billions of dollars to foreign countries many of whom treat women and children very badly.

Our need today, more than any time in the history of the U.S., is to thoroughly understand the principles of Americanism. It is the right to be an uncommon man! The right to create, to succeed or to fail. Life has a purpose and meaning to every individual. In America, ‘equality’ means: equal in God’s sight and equal before the laws of our land; and at the same time recognizing that our individuality clothes and feeds us, promoting either success or failure. It gives us the material conditions in which this country has progressed, and where men realize the need of a constitutional system of ‘limited’ government to guarantee the blessings of liberty.

My parents gave me a heritage more precious then gems or gold, when they gave me the opportunity of being born in America. It is a heritage I have been able to enjoy from the moment I was born; a heritage for which my father fought. My country and its conduct throughout the decades past, makes me proud. I am proud of the statesmen who drafted the first blueprint for governing these United States. The pioneers who carved a progressive America from a wilderness, fill my mind with awe and respect. I am proud of the soldiers and the citizens,statesmen too, who have followed this blue print to keep freedom, peace and equality alive.

Freedom is to us an opportunity; as it was to our forefathers, freedom was a positive thing. It is freedom to worship – to work – to speak – to live without government interference. We must save our American economic institutions from Communism. Our energy and ambitions have produced the highest standard of living ever known in any land. Indeed we are a blessed nation. We have the freedom to produce competitively and take a part of that production. Competition, which lets you -‘the people’, decide what you want. Competition and freedom of production can be kept only with ‘political freedom’. (note recent passage of NAFTA and GATT – an end to fair competition and political freedom)

We must protect from ‘globalism’ the education of our youth. Lenin said: “Youth will decide the issue of the entire struggle.” Today’s world leaders are the youth of Lenin’s day — and they are deciding the issue of ‘one-world government’. There will be no American Republic operating in ‘constitutional liberty’, to express the people’s will, unless we have leaders and citizens who are devoted to America and who have been well taught in their youth, all the ways and means of preserving our freedom.

America’s youth may say, “What can we do–where can we go?” A well-known Judge said: “go home – hang the storm windows, paint the woodwork, rake the lawn, shovel the walk, wash the car, learn to cook, scrub some floors, get a job, visit the sick and lonely. Your parents do not owe you entertainment, and your city does not owe you a living. You owe the world something. You owe it your time and energy and your talents.” Get out of your dream world –develop a backbone, not a wishbone. Freedom is an achievement.

America is being destroyed more by the lethargy of the American people, then by the globalists; by the citizens who will not listen, and is not informed and will not think. The uninformed are easily misinformed. Know the Bill of Rights, a document which tells the government what it shall not do. We need to read and know our flag law, that for example the U.N. flag should not fly above and in front of the U.S. flag at the White house. It is important to be informed, for the Communists /globalists intend that this nation remain in ‘wartime’ action, so that they can take over from within. The Constitution , which is being ignored today, is their stumbling block and our only real barricade. They want centralization of government, a government of men not of law.

We have changed from a government that “promotes the general welfare”, as the preamble says, to a government ‘that provides the general welfare’. We must progress with our constitutional form of government. Our forefathers set up checks and balances; Congress to make laws; a Supreme court to interpret them; and an executive branch to enact them; and individual state governments for local control. The Bill of Rights is for our good and not to be abused. The First Amendment – Freedom of Speech, does not give freedom to incite riot and panic. The fifth Amendment should only be used in court. the Tenth Amendment gives the States the right to independent government. These Communists and liberals, etc., abuse our system. And further we need to save our loyalty oaths; The Un-American Activities Committee; and the Internal Security subcommittee. A strong United States, with the will to use it’s strength, is the only obstacle to the Communists. We must re-educate ourselves in Americanism, realize the the danger, and then act. Internally the Globalists are weakening our will to win, confusing us by promoting class and racial struggles and due to the Supreme Courts’ interpretation of our laws the government does not act to counter -act their violence. Private groups must fill the gap. Our best defense is a good offense.

Another great heritage we have in America is Free Enterprise. Free Enterprise satisfies the wants of man, while the Communist nations work for the needs (which time has proved a lie) Man can only create, in a free society, not in a controlled society.

Freedom will not operate itself. We must be willing to sacrifice time and effort. One person with a belief is worth ninety-nine who only have interests. Victory doesn’t just happen and indifference kills. There is a price to freedom. This truth is clearly defined in the closing words of the Declaration of Independence.. “And for the support of this Declaration with firm reliance on the protection of the Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

This is a crucial hour. Globalists and anti-Christians do not look you in the eye and say, “I am your enemy.” Rather it is a sinister force and will only be conquered by an alert informed citizenry. The young and old must become completely dedicated to the preservation of freedom’s principles. There is no substitute for this kind of patriotism; nothing less than this will be enough. The inescapable price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The Pollyanna attitude, ‘it can’t happen here’, is one of the most powerful weapons put in the hands of those dedicated to our destruction.

You say, “what can I do?” You – whether 16 or 60 years young, need not ask this question today. With all the printed material, radio and tv, organize yourself into a one-man team even if you know no one else and do something. Now! Promote American patriotism; know the ABC’s of Americanism and write the President, the press, educators and relatives. You can pray, write, study and prepare yourself for any possibility of service. When one coordinates their heart, mind, hands, eyes, mouth, ears and feet, with an objective in mind, they become a power for God, race and nation. Will our destiny be bondage or freedom? To preserve America requires bold action. Those who take up the battle will be the real frontiersmen of the years which lie ahead.

Benjamin Franklin at the close of the Constitutional Convention was asked the question, “Dr.., did you give us a republic or a monarchy?” He replied, “A Republic – if you can keep it.”

These words were found on the flyleaf in the diary of an Iowa boy killed in 1918. “America must win this war, therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost; as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.” Are you and I willing to dedicate our entire being to this great cause, the restoration and preservation of our freedom?

On the answer to that question depends our destiny. Whether we and our posterity will be bond servants of an all-powerful state, or live as free men and women in a free republic.