All of us at the national office would like to thank you for stopping by our site. We have prepared this site in order to give an accurate portrayal of the Nationalist Movement, the Alt-Right, or the White Resistance; whatever name you prefer, we continue to be the most recognized voice for white people.

The entertainment industry backed by individuals with a cultural Marxist agenda have waged an attack upon the consciousnesses of white Christians. To further obliterate any remaining racial instinct among our people, those who hate white Christian civilization have chosen to desecrate anything which might cause a stirring of loyalty and heritage in the heart. They say Christianity must go and they say nationalist pride must go.

From changing the names of schools, streets, avenues, stadiums, libraries, etc. to Martin Luther King ….to the toppling of Southern monuments, anything which has the potential of causing a white person to swell with pride is forbidden. Even many European nations have discouraged their citizens from flying or displaying their very own country’s flag. It sounds extreme, but the logic is that displaying one’s own flag means you are a nationalist. Perhaps this is why good men and women across Europe are encouraging the withdrawal from the European Union and nationalist parties are rising. They are sick of the move toward globalism and the invasion of their homeland by non-whites.

Yes, the world has indeed gone crazy when you can’t even be proud of your ancestors. Even the American flag is being held with disdain in many parts of the country. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court has ruled that schools can ban the U.S. flag if it is found to be offensive to non-white Hispanic students or others of color. In America and even throughout the world, the ideals of the ku klux klan are slandered because we represent white Christians. However, we want to clarify a few points.

We want to state for the record that we do not endorse hatred. It is hypocritical for one to think a black, Asian, Mexican or any other person should be praised for being loyal to their heritage, yet a white person can feel the same sense of pride and be criticized for it. It doesn’t make sense.

We are not Klansmen and Klanswomen because we hate anyone. We belong to The Knights because we dream of a better world for our children – a safe and secure world. It is not hatred, but rather the glimmer of hope in the eyes of our children that motivate us.

We belong to The Knights because we love our people – yes, even those who hate us. Klansmen and Klanswomen throughout the nation are at work distributing literature, passing out cards, engaging in online debate, participating in campaigns, and talking to friends and neighbors…always spreading the good news of white Christian revival…not because they hate you, but because they love you.

The Knights is a love group not a hate group. We love America and the Christian foundation of our nation. We love our white brothers and sisters world wide and we recognize the contributions they have made to civilization. We also realize that our nation’s future and in fact all white Christian civilization is in jeopardy.

We are here to unite our people and to raise a standard in the land. While many believe that Donald Trump will save the day, the demographics are against us. Our people must develop a will to survive and understand the racial nature of the battle we are in. Those who hate our people and Western Christian civilization have the support of men like George Soros; pumping billions into schemes to reduce and replace white populations. This is genocide. Even Joe Biden, in late 2016 said that beginning in 2017, white people of European stock would be a statistical minority in the United States. He thought it was a good thing. However, after he and the other baby boomers have passed away, it will be their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who will be forced to face the consequences.

However, the balkanization that is occurring in this country combined with an unsustainable federal budget and debt is most likely to lead to new nation states. Already, many non-whites are clamoring for their own ethnic nations in the deep South, South West. Secessionist movements are growing among people of all ideologies. The Knights Party is forward thinking with a sound strategy and solid long term goals. We believe we have an effective program that will resurrect our beloved nation and Constitutional principles; a New America will be reborn in the midst of our people’s darkest hour.

I hope you will carefully view this site with an open mind and consider what part you can play in bringing a message of hope and deliverance to our people. Let Pastor Robb know that you are a proud white Christian and that our cause is in your prayers. Together we can make a difference.


Rachel Pendergraft